About Us

Industry-Validated Courses

Our courses are reviewed by the Industry Advisory Council, comprised of senior channel management thought leaders at major employers worldwide. Our syllabus is influenced and directed by these global employers to ensure you have the knowledge that they need.

Study at Your Pace

Channel professionals travel… a lot! Enjoy 24-hour access, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. The courses and examinations are all 100% online so you can fit your learning plan around your work schedule.

ISO Standards

The Channel Institute is currently undergoing the audit process for ISO29990. This is an internationally recognized standard for providers of learning services. It recognizes that the training provider has formal processes in place to ensure their courses meet the highest standards globally.

Setting the Standard Worldwide

Training for the business aspect of the channel profession has historically been ad hoc. Each employer has their own training course, supplemented by various consulting companies providing non-standardized workshops. The Channel Institute aims to bring a more formal, standardized structure to learning for channel business professionals. This is why we submit to a vendor-independent Industry Advisory Council to approve our course syllabus.