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Are you new to the channel? Are you looking to progress your career in the channel profession? If so, you are in the right place. The Channel Institute is an industry-wide initiative to standardize training for the channel profession globally. Our aim is to upskill channel managers and channel marketers on best practices in the profession worldwide. Training with the Channel Institute helps you develop both your existing skillset, and your future career.

Our Credentials

The Channel Institute is the only training body in the world that provides business training specifically for the channel profession through a syllabus approved by a vendor-independent Industry Advisory Council.

Training for the business aspect of the channel profession has historically been ad hoc. Each employer has their own channel marketing and channel management training course, supplemented by various channel consulting companies providing non-standardized workshops. The Channel Institute aims to bring a more formal, standardized structure to learning for channel professionals, especially those that are relatively new to the profession.

Our Industry Advisory Council is comprised of the most senior leadership in the channel profession at many of the world's largest employers. These channel thought leaders ensure that our channel management and channel marketing course content meets their future employment needs. A certificate from the Channel Institute assures these employers that the graduate has the foundation knowledge they require to drive their channel forward.

The Channel Institute is also in the process of being certified to ISO29990, an internationally recognized standard for providers of learning services. It recognizes that the training provider has formal processes in place to ensure their courses meet the highest standards globally.


Certificate in Channel Marketing

Developed for channel marketing executives at vendors, distributors and channel resellers, the Certificate in Channel Marketing will help you master the core concepts, frameworks and tools of channel marketing. This channel marketing training course will enable you to build co-marketing campaigns based on best practices worldwide.

Certificate in Channel Management

Ideal for those that are new to channel account management, the Certificate in Channel Management will provide you with a strong foundation in the core concepts of channel management and channel sales. A solid platform for your future training, the qualification that you receive from this channel management training course proves to both current and future employers that you have the knowledge they need to build a successful channel management team.

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